Air Conditioning Refrigerant Regulation

Air Conditioning Refrigerant Regulation

New EU regulations controlling the buying and selling of r134a refrigerant have come into affect from the start of January.

The changes are designed to improve compliance with r134a rules and regulations. These regulations have required all garages that buy r134a gas have to have a F-Gas qualified technician since 2010.

Surveys have shown that up to 50% of garages have simply ignored this requirement but these new changes are designed to make it more difficult for garages to buy r134a gas from suppliers when they don’t have F-Gas qualified technician. The new changes have wide ranging implications for garage owners, technicians and also suppliers of A134a.

The EU working through DEFRA have put extra responsibility on the suppliers of a134a to ensure that the garages they are supplying have the relevant qualifications.

Where the F-Gas regulation 2006 placed legal responsibility with the buyer the 2014 regulation places responsibility with the buyer and the seller.

We at Care care Garage Services strive to be as up to date as possible and we are fully compliant with all regulations concerning F-Gas handling and all our customers can be safe in the fact that our staff are trained and certified.

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