Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services

It’s the sound that every motorist dreads, the sound of our cars screaming when the Engine Management Light comes on. Usually the first thought that comes to mind is ‘This is going to be expensive!’ but not with Care care Garage Services. As a trusted garage in south Gujarat we only charge optimal fee for diagnostic plug-in to help ease the pain of this stressful time. This can be a massive saving as dealerships usually charge very huge amount for this service.

What does the Engine Management Light mean and why has it come on?

The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) in a car monitors all the systems that are connected to it, through the sensors and various electrical items in the vehicle. In more modern cars there can many ecus connected to each other through a wire system called the can bus system. When the ECU receives a signal, normally a voltage that is outside the parameters that it is expecting it will flag the fault then wait 30 engine cycles to see if the fault is still present.

If after 30 engine cycles the fault is still flags, the ecu will light up the EML light. Some systems monitor themselves, like the SRS system, so when the fault is not there the SRS light will go off, or when the ignition is turned off and then on again this may turn the light off but the fault will be logged in the ecu so it can be read.

When the Engine Management Light comes on, it is essential to have your car error codes read to ensure that further damage is not caused. If your Engine Management Light comes on, care desk

You have not got to worry, you can take advantage of our fantastically priced diagnostic plug-in

transmission gear and engine work