Injector Max Service

Injector Max Service

Care care Garage in vadodara  are proud to announce that we are now offering a high tech fuel injector cleaning system for both diesel and petrol vehicles. We can now easily and safely clean your fuel injector system. Carbon deposits (from poor quality high carbon based fuels) are blasted away, removing the particles that have built up blocking the injectors. While in fuel treatments can help slightly, they do not clean the injectors in their entirety. Having the system professionally cleaned ensures that all the carbon buildup is cleared. The treatments can help:-

  • Improve fuel consumption
  • Improve performance
  • Can help prevent expensive injector changes

We offer this service for a special price xxx

Please feel free to call and discuss this treatment with our mechanic.

We recommend a fuel injection system clean every 12,000 miles/1 year depending on driving conditions.

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